Part One of Making Peace with Bees

One of my co-Artisans Gallery Team Members, Roxana of Illuminated Perfume, had an article published yesterday on the Etsy Blog all about her experiences of being a part-time holistic beekeeper. In celebration of this endeavor and love of bees the team has decided to start a blog it forward movement that began yesterday on our team blog. You can see the schedule here. I am not slated to write until July 1st, but I thought I would mention it on the lead up to the weekend because there have been so many wonderful bee-related items that out team has created, one post would surely not do them justice.

This weekend, David and I are heading to Toronto to visit one of my oldest friends, her husband and her new baby. I couldn’t be more excited to hang out with her and her family, despite all the G-20 meeting hoopla going on (can you say, badly timed?). Enjoy this bee themed compilation:

1. Botanical Hair Pin Barrette (by The Faerie Market) 2. Sunflower Collar (by Tortilla Girl) 3. Organic Crocheted Bee Beads (by Three Blue Bee) 4. Rosa Mini, a Chaparral Perfume (by Illuminated Perfume) 5. Bumble Bee Handmade Wool Felt Pincushion (by Sea Pinks)

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8 Responses to “Part One of Making Peace with Bees”

  1. Roxana Says:

    Thanks for bringing more consciousness to the bees Marie. Intending your weekend is fabulous.

  2. Laura / BlueTerracotta Says:

    This team celebration of bees is so exciting! I look forward to reading your post on July 1st, and all those in between!

  3. Betsie from TheFaerieMarket on Etsy Says:

    Thanks so much, I’ve definitely caught the bee fever… I’ll be reading all the blog posts! :)

  4. Becky Says:

    I’m very happy to be a part of the celebration of bees and of this post. Thank you!

  5. Vanessa (Ladygrey) Says:

    those are all so sweet. I love that scarf.
    I also have to brave Toronto this weekend. Good luck!

  6. Victoria Says:

    Thanks for spreading the bee love! We all need to be more conscientious about protecting bees and ultimately, our own food chain.

  7. ThreeBlueBee Says:

    Thank you so much! :)

  8. Irene @ aroluna Says:

    it’s great to bee part of this chain and see how it unfolds! Everyday excitement to read new bee posts!

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