Win a Custom Handmade Animal Necklace AND Help an Animal in Need!

If you follow me on facebook, twitter, pinterest or this blog, you KNOW I love animals. Looking at my store, you can see a lot of great animal necklaces too! What you may not know, is that I try to give back to the community in as many ways as possible through my creations. I also love giving you the ability to feel like you are making a difference! One of the causes that I am most involved with is helping animals in need. I raise money through sales of my animal necklaces primarily for the SPCA (animal welfare organization in Montreal). Learn more about my charitable work here.

I wanted to get the word out to all of you that you can treat yourself and help out an animal in need by buying one of my animals necklaces and what better way then to have a Give-away!!? Here are the details:

Prize: I am giving away a custom animal necklace of your choice: choose an animal I already have in stock, or any animal at all that holds a special place in your heart! Have a pet ferret? I can do that! Want me to stamp his name on there? SURE, why not? Pretty cool prize, right? What makes it cooler is that I’ll donate 10% of the retail worth of the necklace that I make you to the SPCA! yay! everyone wins!

HOW TO ENTER: It couldn’t be easier to enter, and you can do so more than once! complete ONE or more of the following, for your chance to win! Make sure to read the instructions carefully, so that your entry counts! The winner will be chosen from the comment section of this blog post. each entry = one comment.

1. “pin” the above photo or ANY of my jewelry that you like onto pinterest, making sure you mention my giveaway in the description. Make sure you come back here and make a comment on this blog post to say that you shared it on pinterest.

2. “fancy” this or any other product (see the “fancy” button) on my individual product pages.

3. Share the above photo and the context on your facebook page, also remember to add @markhed crafts so that I can verify your entry. Make sure you come back here and make a comment on this blog saying you shared it on facebook.

4. Tweet about this contest (by linking to this blogpost), remember to add @markheddesign so that I can verify your entry! Make sure you come back here and make a comment on this blog saying you shared it on twitter.

5. BLOG about this contest (and link to this blogpost) on your blog or tumblr! Make sure you come back here and make a comment on this blog saying you shared it on your tumblr or blog.

5 ways to enter. Make sure each time you enter you leave a comment, because one comment = one entry!

I will announce the winner one week from now: February 27th, 2012!

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